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Do you want to be Young Forever?


According to William Shakespeare, the world’s great poet, playwright, human life goes through seven stages from its beginning to the end, the first of which is staged infamy, at which point he is just a helpless crying baby. Is. In the second stage he is able to go to school, but going here is no less than a big punishment for him. The young (third) youth (fourth) old age (fifth) old age (sixth) and near-death are described as the seventh stage. Describing the seventh stage, Shakespeare says that upon arriving here, a human being becomes a child again, that is, he adopts a defiant behavior at which point he is sometimes stubborn or sometimes angry.

Shakespeare’s last step on human life is also an expression of man’s desire, where he wants to return, to see the springs of life again, to fulfill his desires again. The physical strength and the memories of the commotion make him anxious. A skin full of bones and a face full of poison tends to make him suffer from psychological problems, but he says the time doesn’t go away, but we can help you with that here.

No one can return the time, but the present moment can be made Hussein. It is not in our capacity to stop the circle of human life, but there are some “dunnies” of destiny that become prematurely old, that is, physical and mental aging soon overpowers them, So here we will tell you what are the factors that can help you prevent premature mental and physical aging.

Only one digit of age.


There is no back gear in life, but with the passing of time on the body and mind, the effects can be minimized and it is possible, as has been proved by numerous modern investigations. According to a new study, the actual age of the human being may be different from the outward age, ie the part of the age at which the person feels that the body is falling or is visually impaired. And if we take a closer look, there are many examples around us that a person’s children are still very young and they themselves are old, but there are some who are grandchildren, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But they still look very strong in appearance.

A study conducted at Duke University included 1,000 individuals, ages 26,32 and 38, respectively. When all the health analysis of these individuals was done, the results showed that the effects of increasing age on the physical organs of all individuals were not the same. This study also showed that certain factors cause the genes to be overtaken, which in turn affects the human body at an advanced age. So growing up is just a number, rather than worrying about yourself, feel young.


Drink Water

All the great players in the world have proven that aging can do nothing to deter those who continue their physical activity. One of the best manifestations of slowing down the aging process is the structure of the human body. Innovative research tells us that regular exercise throughout the life of the muscle is strong and cholesterol levels controlling the immune system is very strong and this does not allow the human body to last long.

Well-known American medical expert Dr. Benjamin Epstein says that exercise produces amazing positive results not only on the body but also on the mind, as it does not cause weight gain and diabetes, and does not cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Balanced exercise keeps the bones strong, causing no complaints like joint pain. Physical activity has a positive impact on mental health while reducing anxiety and mental stress. American psychologists also say that a strong and balanced foot increases the chances of a longer and better life, so normalizing exercise for 30 to 40 minutes a day can delay the aging process.
Adult-free diet

All medical experts agree that natural diet is the best tool to slow down the aging process. Dr. Benjamin Epstein says that a diet without artificial sugar, fat, and salt, which has been through at least one artificial blend, is guaranteed to have a healthy life, because doing so will help you with inflammation, diabetes, and heart failure. Will be protected from diseases In this regard, Dr. Benjamin Epstein suggests that wheat, rice, fat-free meat, fish, peas, beans and eggs should be used to lead a healthy life while slowing down the aging process. Innovative research tells us that natural diet reduces the risk of diseases associated with aging, giving new impetus to the body’s development process.

Use of vegetables

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According to the results of one survey, over-consumption of vegetables in the human diet guarantees you can look 34 years old even at 65 years of age. The use of fruits, vegetables and wheat in the diet prevents the effects of aging on a more human body, says nutritionist Dr. Abe Sawyer.

Protein acquisition

However, using vegetables and fruits to imagine that something else is not needed by the human body is wrong. Protein is very important in maintaining the strength and capability of the body’s muscles, as weak muscles push the human body toward rapid aging. In this regard, Dr. Abe Sauer points out that every 10 years after the age of 40, the human muscle is weakened by 8% and the rate may double after the age of 70, so adult males will be able to overcome this deficiency. Therefore, the use of walnuts, yogurt and cheese should be made part of the diet, as these foods are rich in protein. Getting 25 to 30 grams of protein per meal is essential for an adult man and woman.

Staying in the open

Sun-derived vitamin D is very helpful in keeping bones strong, as well as protecting against chronic diseases, such as heart disease. The results from a study conducted on 2,000 women indicate that women who lack vitamin D have a strong internal system, whereas in other women, vitamin D deficiency. They tend to get old quickly, making it difficult for them to climb stairs, change their clothes, and even cut the toe nails. According to research, 15 to 30 minutes of sunlight daily is essential to meet the vitamin D requirement. In addition, you can get the amount of vitamin D your body needs from foods such as egg yolk and fish.

Protect the skin from sunburn


Sunlight is a two-edged sword for humans, as it can get vitamin D on one side and on the other hand it can cause wrinkles and sometimes cancer. Vitamin D is very important for the human body but taking precautions to get it from the sun is important, so cover your body with clothes, apply a sunscreen or look for shadows when you get out. ۔ In addition, experts say that it is important to use a gentle cleansing cream at least twice daily.

Avoid toxins

Experts say that although this research is still in its early stages, it has been proven that environmental pollution accelerates the aging process. The arsenic, which is contained in the underground water, is adding chemicals to the smoke and smoke emitting from the chimneys of vehicles and industries, which stimulate the aging process. This smoke or poisonous substance damages not only the face but the entire body as a whole.


With increasing age, the kidney’s ability to function decreases and hence the human thirst decreases. Due to lack of thirst, under-utilization of water gives rise to various complications in the human body and due to which the body becomes weak and weakens. According to Dr. Abe Sawyer, 60% of the human body relies on water and this is why our body performs very important internal functions such as balanced body temperature, healthy skin, joints, digestive tract and body toxins. Water is desperately needed for the emissions of substances.

Dental care


Researchers say there is a special relationship between the teeth and the aging process. Unhealthy teeth can cause a person to suffer from problems such as heart, stroke and diabetes, which are caused by mouth bacteria. Bacteria of the mouth can also cause problems such as inflammation, mental blockages and Alzheimer’s in other parts of the body and all these diseases accelerate the aging process.


Modern research tells us that it is important for the human body to protect and function properly in the esophagus, because if it does not, it can lead to mental illnesses that are related to aging. Are. Therefore, the use of yogurt, vegetables, fruits and other fiber-rich foods should be ensured to improve the drainage process.

Digestive system

Eat fruit and vegetables

Eat fruit and vegetables

Poisonous toxins are the main cause of the overall degeneration of the human body. Natural bodily use and digestive systems can lead to many physiological problems. According to Dr. Benjamin Epstein, if the gut is not correct, vitamin B12 is not necessary for the body, especially the brain, and deficiency of this vitamin slows down the brain process. Therefore, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products should be used more to facilitate B12 acquisition and digestion.

Mental stress


Chronic mental stress causes many ailments, one of which is to accelerate the process of aging, so to get rid of problems that cause mental stress, which also requires sleep because lack of sleep affects the brain process. While sleeping, the human brain works to restore damaged cells.