Monday , 22 April 2019
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Tea Saves from Mental Disorders of the Elderly

Tea Saves from Mental Disorders of the Elderly

Singapore: If a new study on tea, it is noted that if seniors drank tea daily risk of them suffering from mental and acquired diseases can be reduced by 86%.

National University of if older results over 55 years or elderly doctrine to study in Singapore are published in the latest issue of journal ‘Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, revealed the Do not use tea on a daily basis if the dementia, the risk of suffering from other mental illnesses alzayymr and so is reduced to 86% from 50%.

However, this study shows that great minds daily use of the medicinal benefits than tea is also very economical and convenient.

Does the best advantage of those amazing effects of tea in the prevention of mental disorders, including those who are in the right condition for this gene family as the generation of the tea because there is a history of mental illnesses components older  being damaged, decline in memory impairment and acquired skills gives rise to serious issues.

Experts say that although this study has been the only elderly Chinese residents but potentially to the same conclusion even need to be comprehensive and multi-national clinical studies for would be seen in humans around the world, but this Is. He said he hopes that soon they will also help the medical institutions and other research teams.