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Sachin a village in Nellore adopted


MP and former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar of India Andhra Pradesh, a village located in the district of Nellore ku’gud ‘is taken.
Sachin Rajya Sabha member and a government plan ptmrajury Where have undertaken to improve the village.

Tendulkar for the village in the first phase of development of approximately 80 million laid the foundation stone.
The community center, school and kitchen garden courtyard, playground, rest room and toilet construction.

He said, “To tell you the first innings of cricket in many ways we’ll facilities.”
Sachin the villagers appealed to quit alcohol and tobacco addiction.
Sachin giving equal importance to the people, sons and daughters, and said that “they are the future of our country.”

He says that “many people asked me why this village is my simple answer, I played for India and it is my way of saying thank you to the people.” Sachin a village in Nellore ‘adopted’¬†decision ¬†also has praised the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Modi tweeted, “I am happy to know that this great athlete ideal project leader will adopt a village.

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