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The Lungs Also Produce  Blood, New Discovery

The Lungs Also Produce Blood, New Discovery

If you believe that the lungs work out to add blood to just absorb oxygen and remove the blood carbon dioxide partial information because scientists fresh disclosure is that lung blood and also are.

It then develops blood marrow bones, knew it before, but the University of California, San Francisco (UC-SF) experts conducted experiments on the mice, they were surprised to learn in their bodies. called platelets, cells are formed within the lung. These cells are collected from the blood into the lungs when not to put away the bone marrow into the blood.
Science Grain in the bone marrow (bone marrow) formed blood all parts maker manufacturer of platelets to prevent the oxygen-rich red blood cells, infection-fighting white cells and wound blood flow in the process “hymatupuyss is called.

U CSF scientist who was an experiment aimed to contact the immunization (natural defense) system of platelets in the lungs of mice that was to see. These mice were specifically developed through genetic engineering such that the platelets were removed green light. But experts were surprised to see that a large number of mice lung in the plytlts.
The first author of the research report says Emma  when we noticed that if we filled in the lungs and making  plytlts million per hour. Video microscope revealed that the blood stem cells were able to form and  making cells in the lung.

Further experiments revealed that  become so in the bone marrow but are a long way from the lungs and produce platelets. I understand that this is a process of molecular signaling yet. However, this important discovery will help in lung diseases and other diseases of the blood in the human fairness.