Saturday , 11 July 2020
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Liver Transplantation will not be Needed!


Discovering Stem Cells in the Liver:
London: Many diseases cause the liver-sensitive organ to become completely inoperable, after which only the donation and transplantation of the liver can keep the patient alive. However, now cells are found in the liver (stem cells), which, if not today, would not require donations to the total liver patients today.

Researchers at King’s College London have discovered a new type of cell in the human baby’s liver after birth. It is similar to stem cells or stem cells and experts believe that the days are not far when they will be able to repair the liver by reprogramming parts of the liver from these cells.

Tamir Rasheed, a liver specialist at King’s College, says that human liver has found cells similar to actual stem cells. This will reveal several ways to promote organs. They will make liver treatment easier and may not require liver transplantation. Millions of patients around the world leave the world waiting for liver donation.
A detailed study of liver cells was performed in newborns and adults using a single cell RNA method. They saw a special cell called the ‘hepatobiliary hybrid progenitor cell or HHYP’. It looks like the exact stem cell.

Upon further consideration, it was found that such cells functioned exactly like progenitor cells of mice. These cells were later repaired to the rat infected liver and, surprisingly, happened in a very short time. Until now, these features were not revealed in humans.

If liver cells can behave this way, one day we will be able to repair our affected liver automatically. But remember that the progenitor cell can be more divisive than the stem cells and can form only a few types of cells. But the aforementioned HHP cells can form two major types of hepatic cells, one of which is hepatitis and the other is cholangiocytes or BEC. These two types of cells can greatly eliminate many liver diseases. In this way HHPP can be a cure for many liver diseases.