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What Factors can Further Improve Online Shopping Trends?

What Factors can Further Improve Online Shopping Trends?

Online shopping in Pakistan has gained a lot of popularity because retailers are increasing their product offerings, cash on delivery options, experimenting with social media and overall providing a secure place to shop. Despite all the advantages that online shopping has for the buyers and the sellers, a number people get reluctant ordering online. The reason why some consumers hesitate might be because there is still room for improvement. It is very important for the retailers to make sure that the shoppers feel comfortable and stress-free in order to encourage them to buy online in Pakistan. Here are five factors that will help retailers make their online services better;

  1. Mobile Internet
    Mobile internet has changed and improved online shopping trends. An ecommerce report by Kaymu, which is an online shopping community states that almost 17% of the overall e-commerce traffic in Pakistan comes from mobile users. This number is evident to show that consumers might find it easier placing an order online directly from their phone. To increase this number, many retailers have introduced their mobile application. The app will allow buyers to shop directly from their phones and also the purchasers can get to know about ongoing sales and promotions through notifications.
    2. Same Day Delivery
    Many online stores are aiming towards same day delivery policies so that buyers can get their desired products right away. This concept is a little tough because the delivery system of Pakistan is a little slow. However if retailers hire their own riders for every city then this factor can be made possible.
    3. Discount Codes
    Discount codes are quite popular in countries like America due to sites like RetailMeNot. These codes are usually given to bloggers and people who have a huge fan following. When the buyers get this code, they can use it to get discounts on certain products. If a seller does not want to promote the code through socialites or celebrities, they can simply message the code to the potential consumers. This is a great incentive for purchasers because everyone wants to shop for good quality products at affordable prices.
    4. Cashbacks
    For people who might not know about this service, basically cashback or money-back is a reward system operated by credit card companies. This services allows to give points to the credit holder which is like a percentage of the amount spent being paid back to the card holder. For online shopping this can be a great factor to generate more orders. Not only will people be encouraged to buy with their credit card but they can use the points to shop more.
    5. Easy Return Policy
    Pakistani online retailers really need to work on their return policies because a lot of the time the purchasers either are not allowed to return a product and even if they do return a product, it requires them to fill out a number of documents and it takes a lot of time. Retailers should think from the buyer’s perspective and make easier return policies. If a product does not meet the customer satisfaction then it can be claimed and the shopper can either get their money back or buy something else. This will encourage the buyers to trust the sellers and it will definitely increase the number of orders.