Thursday , 16 July 2020
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Exercise Daily to Lose Weight … But when?


Hood Island: Many people with obesity complain that they walk and exercise daily, but their obesity and weight loss do not. Now experts have discovered the cause of this complaint.

A recent study conducted at Brown Elpert Medical School in Rhode Island, USA, revealed that physical workouts require between twenty and twenty minutes a day to achieve better workout / walking results, however, Even more important is when to do physical labor.

The research on 375 people with obesity showed that people who set a specific time of day (for example, seven o’clock in the morning or six o’clock in the morning, etc.) and were also restricted. Their obesity and weight were gradually decreasing.
On the contrary, those who did daily workouts / walks or any other physical activity but did not have their schedule, were not affected by their physical labor.

On the basis of this study, physicians have concluded that when we perform a task daily, with time constraints, our mental and physical systems also become accustomed to it; and thus a The same process benefits from repeated repetition. This is not the case with time restriction; and as a result, we do not get useful results.

The important thing is that exercise / walking is done in the morning or in the evening, it does not matter; rather, daily restraint of daily schedule is key in this regard.

Today obesity has been given a worldwide illness, which is increasing steadily as more and more people are reduced to physical labor and rest. Experts say that if you want to stay healthy and fit, you should do a total of 150 minutes (two and a half hours) of physical work a week.

Now, the suggestion is to increase the time restriction so that weight control efforts will work.

The results of this research have been published in the latest issue of the Research Journal “Obesity” .