Thursday , 16 July 2020
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The 6-Year-Old YouTube Girl worth’s $ 8 Million


Seoul, Korea: A 6-year-old YouTube girl in South Korea is gaining worldwide popularity with her videos and has now earned millions of dollars from her channel and recently purchased $ 8 million worth of property.

It also boasts of being the most viewed YouTube player in South Korea, a video of which is viewed by millions. Borum’s YouTube channel has 30 million subscribers, and she comments on toys and clothing in a lightweight way in her video.

She’s making a lot of money by advertising on her video and her parents recently bought a five-story building in an expensive area in Seoul. It should be noted that there is also a company named after this girl named Borem Company. The Borem Company makes $ 3 million every month.

Borum has two YouTube channels, one of which analyzes toys and his video logs on the other, and his parents are being criticized for using a six-year-old girl for financial gain.

Earlier in 2017, ‘Save the Children’ also warned parents that they make videos of their children lured into making money and thus have other adverse effects, including pressure on children.

Similarly in one of the videos, Borum steals money from his parents’ wallet and in another video she behaves as if she was giving birth to a baby. On this, Borum’s parents admit the mistake and made the video private.